Sonoma State university

est: 2005





Alpha Psi prides itself on being the most selective fraternity and currently has 43 active members.

Taylor Krone; President

Liam Eriksson; Treasurer

Honesty, Loyalty, and Brotherhood comprise our core values that each brother upholds each day.

Academics is an integral part of our organization and the cumulative G.P.A is a 2.8.

Brother of the month

Hudson Nunes



Hudson is our current Philanthropy and Social chair and has been hard at work this semester ensuring each event he plans is top notch. Most recently he has worked to put on the Spike Down Abuse Volleyball tournament, one of Alpha Psi's most successful Philanthropies to date.

Quote of the month

"Probably Nah"

Garret Hosley

2nd year

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Embarrassing picture of the month

Nick Knepper